Politics is WAR!


There are winners and there are losers. The winners impose their philosophical will on the losers and enhance their power. When power has been held by one philosophical side for a long time, as it has in Blue states, elections will not be won by meeting a superior enemy using the strategies and tactics that allowed that enemy victory. Elections of this nature are won not by rigidly, or enthusiastically applying theories that have failed in the past, but by developing new, creative and flexible theories that utilize more efficiently emerging resources to balance the power created by force of numbers with a new power created by speed, surprise and technological advantage.


"Asymmetric Warfare (n) – A war fighting methodology that exploits vulnerabilities of organization, function, culture, technology, behavior, situation or location by employing innovative tactics and technologies to achieve surprise and neutralize or stymie an opponent’s military capabilities and technological strengths. In contemporary practice, asymmetric warfare is often used to achieve an information campaign of strategic impact.” Proposed Pentagon Definition


When confronted with a political adversary of superior size and who has held an historical technological advantage, your campaign needs....


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