Chip.jpgChip Jones
 is a Principal at Asymmetrical Political Solutions and has a long history in business and politics. Spanning a 25 year management career where he developed and managed a multi-million dollar business, Mr. Jones was a public official, a political office holder, a lobbyist and political consultant. His experience includes campaign consultation, media and communications assistance, training and campaign development and management. When your political career is at stake, you can’t find a better man to chart your course.

E-mail:  Twitter: @CWJonesIII




Jason.jpgJason Edson has spent the last few years as a volunteer and paid staffer for state and federal campaigns before becoming a Principal at Asymmetrical Political Solutions.  While working in the insurance industry, Mr. Edson worked with existing businesses and new startups to create their digital presence and expand the brand. He has been a member of multiple community boards and a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years. He works in database management, physical technology, website design, and online communication.  Mr. Edson is also a Certified Nationbuilder Expert.  Political campaigns aren’t won on the internet alone, but they will lose without it. 

E-mail: Twitter: @JasonSEdson