General Consultation: Asymmetrical Political Solutions, LLC provides a wide range of general consultation services to a range of political organizations. Whether it is assistance in doing exploratory work in a personal decision making process, developing an initial campaign or committee structure, structural design, expertise in personnel selection, the development of an initial short term campaign development plan, or consultation to campaign or organizational managers, candidates and financial stakeholders to assure that ongoing campaign excellence and flexibility, Asymmetrical Political Solutions,LLC is the smart choice. Campaign and Appeal Branding: Nothing sells without a “brand”, no less so politicians or political theories. Political branding is not dissimilar to product branding because “All politics is retail!” Asymmetrical Political Solutions will assist you in defining yourself and your goals in a way that honestly and ethically compares “what you stand for in light of what there is public demand for!” Nothing sells like a desired product. Desire exists and can be measured.


Campaign Planning: No startup business succeeds without a business plan, and few campaigns succeed without a comprehensive, professional and metrically driven campaign plan. A candidate needs to know exactly how many votes he/she needs, where they are located and how they will be secured. Using up to date voter metrics, sophisticated microtargeting and its “Theory of the Five Media," Asymmetrical Political Solutions, LLC will develop the most balanced, aggressive and technologically advanced plan on the market. “Failing to plan is planning to fail!”


Campaign Management: Asymmetrical Political Solutions, LLC will provide direct campaign management services to your political campaign. Whether you have a national campaign that requires the sophisticated abilities of one of our Principals, or a smaller regional campaign that requires a well supervised Associate that is more cost effective, we have the personnel for you. We specialize in state of the art organizational development, creative use of technology, adherence to the best practices of “retail politics”,  a conservative corporate philosophy that keeps a vigilant eye on the “bottom line”, and an unwavering belief in maintaining discipline in campaign Media and Communications Services: In the words of Chip Jones, Principal at Asymmetrical Political Solutions, LLC, “A great message poorly told is a rotten message. And a well told message poorly sold is a waste of political capital!” We provide comprehensive media and communication services. Whether it is internal communications work, or external activity with the Mainstream Media, Asymmetrical Political Solutions, LLC will package and market your narrative in a comprehensive and balanced fashion. Whether we are developing Voter ID scripts or poll questions internally, or writing press releases and sending them to media outlets that we have maintained relationships with, whether we are interfacing with graphics designers to develop printed media, or videographers developing content for “Ad buys”, you can rest assured that your message is well told and enthusiastically sold.


Technology: Jason Edson, Minority Principal at Asymmetrical Political Solutions, LLC, is the head corporate “techie.” As a NationBuilder professional, he can develop you a “hot rod” political website created on the NationBuilder platform, and assist you in populating its campaign software backside to give you the most sophisticated technological advantage. When you couple this with its integral ability to do sophisticated microtargeting, we create for you the ability to target smaller groups of voters with smaller volunteer staffs, yet with greater vote production. It creates “one stop shopping” for volunteer management, fundraising and reporting, Voter ID and GOTV activity, scheduling and event planning. Its expandability and scalability allow larger campaigns to work cooperatively with smaller component campaigns, or larger campaigns to break into regional components with their own website and database that populates the main campaign database, but whose information is not necessarily shared back with the components, to maximize voter results at the polls.

All websites can be “Mobile Enabled” and linked to campaign social media accounts to maximize the reach in digital media.


Training: Chip Jones of Asymmetrical Political Solutions, LLC has created an innovative and comprehensive campaign training that is affordable and scalable. Rather than presenting only the disparate functions of campaign activity, teaching but never integrating necessary campaign skills. In Chip’s “Campaign Planning: What it takes to win” package, not only are the component activities taught, but they are integrated into a learning environment where each participant is guided, including both classroom activity and assigned homework, to develop his/her own metrically driven campaign plan. Each student leaves with a campaign plan tailored to his/her particular race and a complimentary hour of consultation to help ensure the campaign "hits the ground running"!